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Study: Probiotics and Anti Aging

A study published in the Cell Cycle Journalpresented the findings that probiotics can also be anti aging effective by helping reverse the skin`s aging process they promote a younger and fresh looking complexion.

How does it work?
Researchers at Stanford University in California, US have studied the potential effects of blocking the NF-Kappa-B protein complex, linked to the cellular response to negative stimuli and inflammation and considered to contribute to inflammatory activity and illness. The findings show that probiotics contribute to blocking the protein complex and thus can help diminish premature aging of the skin as a result of inflammation. The findings have shown that by invalidating the activity of the NF-Kappa-B in geriatric mice, whose skin is characteristically thin, there was a reversal of the condition over a two weeks period, when the skin`s genetic activity observed was similar to that of young mice. The data showed an increase in the thickness of the skin and cellular division compared to the beginning of the experiment.
Holy Land Cosmetics R&D laboratories developed ProBiotic, a product line to provide the skin with protection from environmental negative factors and to help maintain a healthy balance. At the same time the formulations help boost the production of collagen and have an anti aging effect with fewer expression lines and premature age signs as well as a greatly improved elasticity and firmness of the tone.